about us

Who we are

Northside Evangelical Church is a young vibrant church in the Queensland Baptist (QB) family. Prior to being part of QB we were an independent evangelical group that was planted in 2007 with just four families including our ministry family. Our inclusion into QB formally took place 21st March 2013, as a phase 2 church plant; by the 26th July 2013 we were a fully constituted church. NEC is diverse family of Christians who believe it is important for us to focus on the local community and to help the local community see … through us … how life changing a relationship with Jesus can be. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and that God has sent His Son Jesus to do what was necessary to bring us into a personal relationship with Jesus. Our constant focus is on the empty seats in our church and asking that God will work to fill those seats. And as they fill up we just keep putting more out!

What we believe

We believe that:

1.    God’s Gospel originates in, and is a demonstration of, the holy love of the eternal, triune God

2.    God’s Gospel is authoritatively announced in the Scriptures

3.    God’s Gospel alone addresses our deepest human need

4.    God’s Gospel is revealed in history supremely through the Person of Jesus Christ

5.    God’s Gospel is accomplished through the work of Christ

6.    God’s Gospel is applied and empowered by the Holy Spirit

7.    God’s Gospel is now embodied in the new community called the church

8.    God’s Gospel compels us to Christ-like living and witness to the world

9.    God Gospel will be brought to fulfilment by the Lord Himself at the end of this age

10. God’s Gospel calls for a response which determines the eternal destiny of every person

What people say?

'I love the way everyone treats me as part of their family'
“Pastor Allan’s teaching is easy to understand and focuses on the Bible and what is means for me today.”
“There are people from so many different cultures and we all feel like we belong.”
“The music is upbeat and helps me reflect on my relationship with God.”
“Being a single mum can be tough … but the church is here for me and I feel accepted.”
“I am an ‘oldie’ I wondered if I could fit in with this crowd. But guess what! They have made me so welcome and I just love it here.”
“I love the new friendships I am making and the things I am learning about God.”